Men’s Health Month with Baberia

The month of November was a time for us to think through our goals and Movember or as is popularly known as No shave November gave us this opportunity for introspection. A healthy nation leads to a prosperous and one no one knows this better than the whole team Baberia Cuts and Platinum Spa. 

Moreover, Men’s Health is an issue that is near and dear to our hearts and we hope in time it will be dear to you to. After all people inspired by a common passion can spark something really great and we hope that we can ignite that spark together.

Through the month we connected with our client base and got to look at a few issues that affected men such as physical inactivity, poor Mental health, prostrate and testicular cancer. The culmination of this was a Movember Mens health day held at Pension towers Mezzanine 2. By the way you can find us there for all your grooming needs 🙂

The men in attendance made us think deeper about Men’s Mental health and we will be eternally grateful for the interaction we had. From funny and hilarious quips to more the more serious carthatic moments it was a moment to be cherished. 

If we look at our society from an above perspective, we can safely say that as time has gone by we have been “spiralling” downward in certain areas.

Masculinity has been portrayed as toxic, chivalry has been portrayed as disrespectful, which may serve to further diminish men’s roles in our society. We want to be able to provide a space for you to be Men. Today, we need men who, rather than bringing each other down, will polish each other’s strengths and dull each other’s faults. 

Competitiveness, peer pressure, and wanting to be dominant have caused us to become antagonistic toward one another. This can lead to us focusing on the accomplishments of others while overlooking our own inadequacies. Our own mental health takes a back seat when this happens. We understand that encouraging men to focus on their own mental health, support one another, and so benefit society is a tall order, but it is necessary.

Do join us next time.

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