Sometimes you just sit back and wonder how guy’s long time groomed or styled their hair… Forget about your granddad and think about your granddad’s father for a moment. Was everyone just natty dread all the time or was there a special way to get a good shave.

We are sure that they at least had good grooming for their time, but aren’t you lucky you live in this day and age. I mean nowadays it’s more than just cutting hair, grooming has become an experience that borders on therapeutic treatment.

The Maasai had some pretty good technique but more so than that… Their hairstyle was determined by the stage of life they were in. We actually found out that the men actually spent more time on their hairstyles than women who were mostly clean shaven. The men would groom each other for hours all dependent on the rite of passage or the stage of life they were in. Nevertheless they had style.

Do you know the grooming habits from where you come from? Let us know in the comments.

Today we don’t attach meaning to a hairstyle. Many of us simply choose what looks good and voila! At Baberia Cuts an Platinum Spa, we are committed to giving you a great experience, but more than the unparalleled grooming style, we want to pay tribute to who you are and what you want the world to see. We want to make people’s first impression of you a lasting one… Let’s get meaning back into our lives, learn from the old and adapt to the new.

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