We know that the relationship between a man and a barber is sacred. The two are often in sync complementing each other and if they’ve been together for a while… Finishing each other’s sentences 🙂 Okay maybe that’s a stretch. But what do you do when you do decide to change barbershops?

How do you establish that rapport with your new barber? We think it should go beyond the barber to the barber shop as well. What do you think? Let’s take a look at a few steps you can take to settle in to your new kinyozi and should you choose to look elsewhere and maybe you could look at us!

Talk to your barber

When you first sit down in the barber’s chair, make sure you give him/her a general description of what you want. Gone are the days when you could point to Ludacris’ image on the wall and say, “nataka hio” (I want that one). The good news is that now we all have cell phones and your hairstyle is just a google search away. But please remember, make it realistic. Choosing an Afro with short hair might be a bit of a stretch for even the most skilled and experienced barbers.

Tell him/her how much you want taken off

Describing the length you want can sometimes be tricky. The next time you shave, ask the barber what level he used and he should be able to let you know. That  way if you ever decide to move to someone different you can just say, “I want level 2 at the top and level one on the sides. “ Alternatively you could let the barber know you are not sure about the length that way he can take a little off the top until you are in agreement.

Tell him if you want a fade

A fade slowly takes the hair down to the skin, so that it looks like the hairline on the sides and back of your head “fades” away before it reaches the natural hairline. Most people usually want their hair level on all sides but sometimes a fade is good for contrast.

Have the side burns conversation

At this point we have to get side burns according to the individual. For some people it is difficult for them to grow sideburns and for others it’s quite easy. Some people are generally hairier than others and it’s easier to grow longer sideburns. So according to your hair profile, let him know whether you want it top of the ear, mid ear or at the bottom of the ear.

Now listen to your barber

Ever seen those “what you ordered vs what you got memes?” Sometimes you may want a style that your hair type just can’t quite achieve. You may want to listen to your highly trained barber so that you yourself don’t become a meme. After all he knows hair and the business of it. Listen to his suggestions and come to a consensus. This would be the beginning of a wonderful relationship! Ever been to Baberia Cuts and Platinum Spa? Well give us a try and we’ll be able to get really in sync with you.

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