Just like your Uber guy over the weekend pre-Covid, or the bartenders from the movies, barbers hear quite a lot. Call it ‘udaku’ or just your normal friendly banter, many life lessons can be drawn from the tropes of people that sit in a barber shop chair. Since barbers spend so much time listening we figure we would give a few insights into the art of manliness!

Identify the essential and eliminate the rest

Sometimes we have too much going on that we almost miss the plot. Be it relationships, our wardrobe, or your grooming habits. This simple principle can help you out in life.

Simple doesn’t mean unexciting! Focus on your end goal and purpose at all times and let the unnecessary things fall to the side. It’s easy to get trapped in the accomplish more, acquire more mindset due to living lives according to society dictates. The take home here is to know your role and play it well. Don’t count your goals as a striker like Messi, yet you are more of a midfielder like Pogba.

The men who visit us and appear to be content seem to be the ones who found a way to escape the sounds and pushes to “fit-in” by ignoring them, and focusing on what made them happy. Those guys are always the ones our barbers learn and grow the most from. Not to mention, enjoy servicing them as clients!”

Stay true and authentic to yourself

Balancing between the stereotypical expectations of society on what it means to be a man versus what a man actually feels is a struggle many men might experience. Forget what society dictates.

What’s the real measure of a man? It’s taking care of your responsibilities, going after what you want unapologetically, staying true and authentic no matter what. It’s in the way you treat the little man. Compassion for the weak is a sign of greatness.   As we keep learning from each other, remember be the man you were destined to be, start today and look good while at it. Maybe start with a haircut… wink wink!


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